Monday, November 19, 2007

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No fuel for Burmese Junta

We propose that an appeal da firmare,proveniente dall'associazione AVAAZ.ORG,che spinga le grandi compagnie petrolifere a non rifornire più petrolio alla Giunta birmana.

Ecco il testo dell'appello:

Total and Chevron, the giant international oil corporations, pump hundreds of millions of dollars every year into the the Burmese junta through their operations in Burma. This money helps arm the brutal Burmese regime and maintain their oppressive rule. As consumers we have both power and responsibility — let's use our purchasing power to end this terrible cycle.So we are launching a call for a global boycott of Total Oil and Chevron and all their subsidiaries. By hitting them straight in their bottom line, we can press these corporations to either push Burma to democratic reform, or to leave the country entirely. It's time for the power of transnational corporations to face the power of global democracy! All Total and Chevron brands are displayed in the image. To see which brands are in your country, check here for Chevron brands and here for Total brands.

Il link per firmare è: .
Siamo a quota 38,064,l'obiettivo da raggiungere è 40.000 firme,aiutiamoli,firmate anche voi e fate passare il messaggio on your blog, please!


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