Saturday, January 26, 2008

How To Get Rid Of Poofy Hair?


No need to repeat the difficulty in finding fresh news from Burma.
I found one that makes us understand how dirty the soul of people willing to do anything to make money, No matter at the expense of those guys who, what that money will go, just to make a good deal.
The news can be considered as a follow-up to another post, I had published on this blog Monday, November 19, 2007: New talks for
Aung San Suu Kyi and the death auction, which also refers to the sale of the jewels of Giunta.Possiamo imagine very well how to invest that money. The auction went on, we had nn doubt, and once again the precious stones were snapped.
The new article in question is this: Burma auction is full stones, as it is quick to place the entire : "(ANSA) - Rangoon, 20 GEN - Nearly 1,600 lots of jade and precious stones were sold in a recent auction held by the military junta in Burma. Despite the strengthening of Western sanctions and calls for boycott against Rangoon, according to an official newspaper more than 300 foreign buyers were present in the capital for the sale of 400 lots of gems and jade lots of 1200. In November, over 3,600 lots of stones were sold for 150 million euro. "

x Laura Bush made an appeal for a boycott, as well as the Human Rights Association Watch.L 'Association of Jewelers of America and their members, such as Tiffany and Cartier, they collected these calls, and I would tell them thanks also on behalf of you all.
But x change, I would like to know the names of those that have done business and are finished behind birmano.Rinnovo the wish of the people I made at this time: that le gemme vadano loro di traverso,così come i soldi in mano alla giunta.E che il sangue invisibile che macchia le loro mani sia visibile sui loro sporchi soldi,e su quelle gemme,di modo che nn possano spenderli,e rivenderli, in nessun modo.Da nessuna parte.So che questo nn si realizzerà,ma sento il bisogno di sfogarmi.Perdonate lo sfogo di un'idealista sempre più delusa dal mondo.


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