Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Block Out Emotion

A new journal on-line sailing

The Forum "I Velacci", recently published a number of a new paper on the wing: "The Velaccino" , which can be downloaded in PDF version on the website of the Forum itself

The current version is still a little bitter with some "vices the youth, "but is an initiative interssante and grow.
Particularly at a time when the printing industry suffers from a lack of content, and is increasingly overwhelmed by advertising needs, a free publication, self-governing and free as this is certainly welcome.
The newspaper has not been carried out by professionals (although many are "professionals" in their fields), but by fans who dedicate themselves spontaneously and without any profit motive, the result is a freshness and authenticity of content, difficoilmente riscontarbili in the press.


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