Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feet Scenes In Tv & Film


I link a note I have just read is really educational
ITALIANISTAN: A country that has a Master
dell'Italianistan Hi I am a citizen. I live in Milano 2, a palace built by the Prime Minister. Jobs in Milan in a company whose shareholder is merely the President of the Council. Even the car insurance which I go to work is the President of the Council, as the Prime Minister assured that manages my retirement accounts.
I stop every morning to buy a newspaper, whose owner is the President of Consiglio.Quando I have to go to the bank, go to the President of the Council. Al pomeriggio, esco dal lavoro e vado a far spesa in un Ipermercato del Presidente del Consiglio, dove compro prodotti realizzati da aziende partecipate dal Presidente del Consiglio. Alla sera, se decido di andare al cinema, vado in una sala del circuito di proprietà del Presidente del Consiglio e guardo un film prodotto e distribuito da una società del Presidente del Consiglio (questi film godono anche di finanziamenti pubblici elargiti dal governo presieduto dal Presidente del Consiglio).
Se invece la sera rimango a casa, spesso guardo la TV del Presidente del Consiglio con decoder prodotto da società del Presidente del Consiglio, dove i film realizzati da società del Presidente del Consiglio sono continuamente interrotti da spot realizzati advertising agency of the Prime Minister.
Especially watch the match results, because I'm a fan of the team whose owner is the Chairman of the Board. When not watching TV the Prime Minister, I look at the RAI, whose leaders were nominated by MPs that the prime minister being elected. Then I get bored and go to surf a bit 'in the internet provider with the Prime Minister.
But if I did not really want TV or surf the internet, I read a book, whose publisher is owned by the Prime Minister. Of course, rightly, as all countries and Liberal Democrats, also is the President Italianistan Council, which provides for the laws that are approved by a parliament where the majority is made up of employees and lawyers of the Prime Minister, and conform to what the judiciary is merely an organ of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister. My sole interest in governing. Fortunately. Candidly


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