Monday, September 27, 2010

Can I Transfer My Irish Pension To Australia


Saturday, September 25, Silvia and I were guests in the beautiful home of 'Sailing Association Trentino, Lake Caldonazzo to present my book "Route to the Zig-Zag, meetings with the sailors of the oceans." published by the Juncture.
The evening was wonderful, the President del'Associazione Sailing Trentino, Roberto De Bernardi, opened the meeting with a presentation of the book very well done by highlighting the original spirit.
The introduction has been completed by a speech of his Parinelli Marco, who was the promoter, and has been good enough to Silvia and dashed its hub (a definition which is reluctantly I adapt ....) so flattering.
warmly welcome members and friends spoke of the many who have followed with attention and indulgence on the screening of a video Travel and talk a little confused, perhaps because of the excitement - we're not very rough sailors accustomed to public speaking! - With whom I have introduced a screening of the video.
The many relevant questions that followed the screening, have allowed us to develop fairly thoroughly many of the issues and questions on a long sea voyage made by persons who are perfectly normal and nothing "heroic" as we Silvia and me.
still would like to thank the President and all Members del'Associazione Sailing Trentino, for giving us the opportunity to communicate in an environment so nice and welcoming, our simple travel experiences!

I take this opportunity to announce that I will be this Friday, October 8 at the Genoa, in the MARINA 2 stand A29, where the wave editor organized a meeting between the authors and readers.
A warm welcome by Silvia and Luigi


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