Saturday, October 9, 2010

Herbivore In Antarctica

MAUS - solo in Antarctic waters of the South Georgia

"Every journey begins with a dream. The dream became a reality in the story in this book, I really wanted to see so many years ago, thanks to the great navigators of past centuries, the men who hunted whales, travel facts in the sixties - with all those who made impresestraordinarie and by means not always rise to the occasion. "

This Manfred Marktel writes in the preface to his book
Released for the types of" the wave ", and presented at the recent Salone di Genova.
Manfred absolutely right when he says," Every journey begins with a dream. "
But Manfred is not just a dreamer, but also a very practical man and has demonstrated both in his brilliant career, and in that of adventurous surfer.
Manfred's book will be seen as a firm difficlie so, if carefully prepared, with careful planning of the route, a detailed preparation of Maus, his brave boat, will be successfully completed, including a person who could be described as a non-reductive "normal" and not a "super-hero."
His story rushes, including sail trim, simple daily needs of the solitary sailor, sharp descriptions of the distant and inhospitable places visited, waves and storms take your breath away and leave the reader anxious apprehension.
I met Manfred-cross the main HF radio - just as he was busy fighting with the worst storms he deciphers in his book, and devoted to the chapter of my book:
"We see a real sailor" ;:
After several years of attendance friendly, and knew better, I keep thinking of choosing, for that chapter, the title is more just.

Louis Ottogalli


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