Saturday, June 7, 2008

Church Letter Of Request For Donations


magio The last 10 came from Buenos Aires the second edition of "Cruzer del'Amistad" (Cruise of Friendship ".

exceptional event ing for the Yacht Pleasure local Argentines, in fact, have many barchea sailing, but sailing a little long-range and are unlikely to emerge from the estuary of the River Plate.

In this case, as many as 29 boats are hauled canned reach the "mythical" tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

We went to say goodbye to some friends at the start,
and I must say that the show was enjoyable and folklore.

The fleet is currently in San Francisco do Sul, but the boats were down un'untità.: If they have indeed lost one.

On May 30 the crew of ' "Iilka" slloop a steel 41 feet, was rescued by a freighter, and the boat left adrift.

details can be found on this site Brazilian :

My comment is that these cruise group, always give a false sense of security and are then chosen by
inexperienced crews, so that believe to be protected from any damage.

At sea, however, each must rely solely and exclusively on its own feet and adapt to their browsing and media experience.


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