Friday, June 6, 2008

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A brief summary of previous Betting

Who is
"Jonathan" ? It 's a fiberglass and wood cutter, a little more than twelve feet, designed by the late Charles Ssiarelli, and built at Gallipoli in 1991.

We got it in 2003, and after a cruise of harmony in Greece, 18 December 2003, we started from Pantelleria to bring the boat to Trapani, and complete the preparation for the long journey. In the month of

Giungno 2004 we started heading west, and here are princopali milestones to date:

- November 2004 arrival in Formentera, Balearic Islands, where we had thought to stop for two or three days .. .. we left in May 2005 ...

- 20 June 2005, Gibraltar
- August 4, 2005, Santo, Madeira archipelago.

- August 26, 2005, island Pretty the Canary Islands.

- December 2, 2005, Dakar in Senegal.

- April 16, 2006, Fernando de Norona Islands, Brazil.

- May 2, 2006, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

- May 20, 2007, Punta de L'Este, Uruguay.

- February 17, 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Complesssivamente cica nine thousand miles, in five years, make an average of 1800 miles year ... very few! The trip
"slow" has allowed us to goderre long stopovers in very beautiful places, for better understanding of people and places, and stringereforti friends!

Meks year, we then sailed even less, only pass through the Rio de la Plata.
After four years of sailing, "Jonathan" required a little extra attention, and we took advantage of the favorable conditions found here in Argentina and Uruguay to make some maintenance work emuglioramento: Revision of the tree and rigging, paint internal and external review of the main plants, new sails, new hood, new to the Plexiglas skylights, etc. ...

Silvia, between sanded and a coat of copal, then took advantage of the break to become a test tube dancer Tango!

We have not finally made the occasine lack of some journeys on the ground, in Uruguay, in Patagonia, in Chile and in the Fire Trerra


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