Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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bow to the east

Il 29 febbraio, weather permitting, will depart from La Spezia "Pasaya, a Sleeker 45 - aluminum and carbon racer from very advanced technical features - Assigned Thailand.

In this there is nothing special, a lot of boats each year from facing the Mediterranean en route to the Far East, although numbers are always lower than that of those who sail with the bow toward the going down of the sun.

The Voyage of the "Pasaya" however, has at least three elements that distinguish it from others.

First - takes place on the anniversary of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and Thailand, and is sponsored by the Embassy of Thailand in Italy.

According - Sails in a very unusual year, in winter, tracing the first stage of the Mediterranean island to island, reach Tel Aviv. It 's a classic route, already covered by the Genoese and Venetian galleys, with the difference that in this time of the Serenissima Republic, closed its routes, laid the gall to secure docks in squeri and the Dalmatian coast, and wait 'arrival of spring to resume navigation.

Terzo, ma per me primo – Al comando vi sarà il mio amico Simone Perotti, alla sua prima esperienza di grande navigazione oceanica, ma conoscendo le sue doti di marinaio, il suo metodico e serio approccio alla navigazione, la sua grande cultura e conoscenza delle cose di mare, sono certo che realizzerà un viaggio perfetto ed un'avventura indimenticabile.

Chi volesse seguire il viaggio di Simone potrà farlo, collegandosi al sito:



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