Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worksheet Find The Hazards

Scalo Gaucha in Rio Grande do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost port in the long Brazilian coast, and is an almost obligatory stop for all ships that go back to the north, in fact, the next piece of navigation is particularly challenging because of the nature of the coast, straight, low and sandy, with no one calling for more than 300 miles, the navigation is made difficult by the strong southerly winds that generate currents that lead to ground (it made the expenditure and Slocum that Dumas), and the equally strong a sudden blow from the north.
But what is unique to this stop is the reception they receive passing boats from Bacellos Lauro, director of the Museo del Mare.
Lauro, cultured and refined, has equipped its facility, located within the Lague dos Patos, a jetty where you can moor freely, with electrical connections, water and WiFi this year!
In return Lauro asked only to fill a Guest Bok and answer the question:
"What for you is a sailboat?"
one time also called for a flag of the boat which then hung in his "kitchen", now room is full and asks for more!

We passed here two years ago, and now we have received such a warm welcome from Lauro to make us feel "at home", so that a little difficult to forecast, and a little because you're really good, we still for the past two weeks!
The Maritime Museum, also home to a recovery facility for sick sea lions and penguins, which are treated here and then released. At our first trip was a sign that we were in the south, now when we'll sail, we know that do not meet again.


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