Monday, February 16, 2009

Harley Davidson Sayings And Quotes

A free woman

Figure dry, p elle-baked sun, strong limbs SCAV ate and shaped by the wind, a little face furrowed by r ughe with two clear blue eyes that light up when you open its expression in a sunny smile, and years, that are sixty, seem to disappear, to return the image of a young, blonde English girl living in Cape Town.

Schirley appeared in the bay of Colonia del Sacramento - after a night of sailing with a "Pampero" more than 50-knots, preannunciataci mail from mutual friends of sailors, a small boat (25 feet - just over 7 meters), yellow and green , with a curious tree, very low and place almost at the fore.

An exemplary story: started eight animals from Cape ago Town.L 'man with whom he shared his life, and with whom had to leave for an extended trip around the world, never ends the construction of their boat, missing something, and so for ten years! Tired of this grueling wait, one day decides to leave alone buy an old boat - what you could afford - the "Speedwell of Hong Kong" built in 1952, just in the Asian city, land of the famous naval architect Laurent Giles - even the boat would have a story to tell-and through the stormy South Atlantic to Brazil Cabedelo (just north of Recife) . Li meets Pit, a fellow who with a Polynesian catamaran-type 34-foot, self-built, wants to go to Antarctica, Shirley does not pray too much from the taciturn Pit (also we met and we know that nature has!), puts his boat in the dry part for this new adventure. Not reach the Antarctic Peninsula, but twice the "Cabo de Hornos" and after nine months will again Cabedelo

- "Nice, but tough!" -

Their paths diverge, Shirley sailing to the Caribbean, Pit enhances the catamaran, return to the south, it reaches its original destination in Antarctic and returned to Cape Town.

After various adventures Shirley stops in Trinidad, the "Speedwell of Hong Kong", it needs urgent work, his old spent shell in water on all sides! Pit, keep in touch with Shirley mail, convinces her to change the gear to junk Bermudian sloop, the easier for a loner, and does not find the best solution to help her, that building the new tree and bring it to Cape Town Cabedelo with his catamaran!

With the boat equipped with junk - who knows what he thought of the poor Laurent Giles? - Cruising to Baltimore

- "What a truly cool!" -

then Bermuda, the Azores, Canaries, Cabo Verde and Brazil again, until we meet these days. Always alone, with the only company of its big gray cat that follows the departure from Cape Town. Shirley told us that during all these years, both men left in South Africa, who have repeatedly called the Pit to go with them but:

- "No more men, so even if more difficult life is much more free! -

Shirley, simple, basic, discrete, but open meetings, mastered its own little world where you feel safe and made a real free woman and a great sailor, but the day part from Cologne to Buenos Aires, was accompanied by Roberto, a bearded Argentine friend, even the most experienced sailors, when they have to penetrate for the first time in the tricky maze of the Delta need help!


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