Saturday, November 27, 2010

Authorization Letter To Cell Phone

Le coq sportif

Actually no, I regret to write crap, do not close shop.
Tale tonight that there was a dinner in the village closed that the City has placed within public gardens (And we are in the country. But what you want! We are citizens).
Well, aaahh. The atmosphere of free-range: it does not say anything and yet you're completely yourself
I so enjoyed the harvest in Portugal, to think that I did not want to go and that there was
Well ... boar ... polenta ... wine ... sweet ... Vecchini

Then hath been played to the Merchant at the fair and even there I have certainly done put your feet in my head, I like to win easy Bonci Bonci bo bo bon, after having spent 25 € and 50 poles in I won a sausage.
But on the second lap as the first prize was a capon.

A capon VIVO

Capon live
And I did not expect
They out of the box as rabbit of the hat: but in fact he was white.
has not twitter, it has maintained a dignified attitude while doing fizz the straw from the wings. I have loved you. Thank goodness I have not won, it would put me in the room, making style a bit 'before the war. Would live here but then I is not ever wonder who would give him something to eat. He would die of starvation.


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