Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Curacao, Northern Europe in the Tropics?

The island of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles in the former, is assuming a growing importance as a stopover for boats travelers of the sea route to the West.
The insecurity of the nearby marina on the coast Venezuela, which would be cheaper, and good water availability of material and technical staff, are driving the current fortune of Curacao as a staging and "stoarage.
The island is very far from what is imaginary Caribbean community: the palms of cocotier nothing, no lush rainforest, but a semi-arid steppe dotted with cactus, a landscape more plateau of Central America. However in the short rainy season, from December to January, it rains a lot, indeed it pours!

Gli Spagnoli snobbarono queste isole (Bonnaire,  Curacao ed Arruba),  perchè prive di giacimenti di metalli preziosi, si limitarono a sterminare la popolazione india! Gli avveduti Olandesi si resero, invece conto molto bene dell'importanza strategica e commerciale (commercio di schiavi negri, naturalmente!) di Curacao che è dotata di due eccelelnti porti naturali, English Water e Willemstad, dove sorge la capitale, una specie di Amserdammer caraibica.
Curacao è indipendente dall 11 Ottobre 2010, pur rimanendo sempre formalmente legata all'Olanda.
L'economia principale è basata sul raffinamento del petrolio venezuelano, travel a little Dutch, and now services for boating.
The Dutch origin should think that at the Marina di Curacao, everything works as in Holland, but it is only an impression, even to the able Dutch were infected here dall'indolente Caribbean spirit, "Magnani" (in Curacao is Dutch poarla , English and a mix of the two local dialect) is the word most used, while for these costs are absolutely Northern Europe!
In Marina di Curacao remain for several boats to sea travelers, all part of class naturalmenete medium-high, while those with low budget can not afford this call, we with our "Jonathan", we are one of the boats, more "losers" of the yard!
Most travelers headed to the sea are the classic route on drill and Panama San Blas,
We, however, faithful to "The route to Zig-Zag", we changed the program and making a choice will go a little against trend Cuba


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