Saturday, January 8, 2011

Can A Sidekick Lx 09 Be Prepaid


di Alvaro de Campos

What in me is not particularly tired
of this or that, not even
everything or nothing:
Tiredness so even himself,

Subtlety of feeling useless,
The violent passions for anything,
The intense love for the supposed one.
All these things - and what
These fouls on them forever -;
All this is a tired,
This tiredness, fatigue

There are doubtless those who love the infinite
There are certainly those who wish the impossible,
There are certainly those who do not want anything -
Three types of idealists, and I none:
Because I love the infinitely finite
Because I impossible desire for the possible
Because I want it all, or a little more, if it can be
Or even if not ...

And the result?
For them life lived or dreamed,
For them the dream dreamed or lived,
For them the mean between nothing and everything, that is, this ...
For me just a great, deep,
And oh that fruitless happiness, tiredness, fatigue
A supremíssimo.
issimo, issimo, issimo,
Tiredness ...
Magritte, La bataille de l'Argonne, 1964, Series

In particular me is tired, not of what

nor this, nor about everything and anything:
tired and just that alone,

Futility of feeling useless,
the violent passions to little things,
's intense love for that someone.
All those things - those
and what they lack-eternally;
everything makes me tired, so tired

There is no doubt those who like the infinite, there is no doubt
those who want the impossible, there is no doubt
who did not want anything -
three types of idealists, and I none of them because I love
infinitely finite
because I would like the impossibly possible
because I want it all, or a little more, if possible,
or even if you can not ...

And the result?
For them, life lived or dreamed, dreamed the dream
for them or lived
for them half of everything and anything, that is, what ...
to me is just a big, deep,
and, ah, how happiness!, barren fatigue, tiredness
A supremissima.
issima, issima, issima,


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