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Art Needless Call me what you want

Art Needless
futility of art and letters from Mr Germano dei Prati)

1. "I do not think if not a form of entertainment, if I say art.
Certainly not at any time, or when they pay me to produce it. When they pay me to write, or if someone asks the favor and courtesy of an introductory paragraph, a summa, or some riassuntino gentle and polite response to a letter like yours, that does not deal with subjects of everyday banality. "


2. "But what is really art? If this is not a simple formula to fill a palliative ... of life.
Think a moment about what that really tells us, tells us. The otherworldly dimension, the spirituality that we are trying now to see us, is so subjective that another, if asked suddenly, would not be able locate it, describing - would not be able to see her or hear her. The purpose
teaching is so unrealistic, and never working even when someone who has read a lot and studied a lot, we explain it, immediately perceive the limits of the lesson. And I, frankly, I never learned anything from a work of art.
[...] We can not help feeling that a literary work or plastic, such as they are, are nothing but a representation of a world that does not exist if not completely outside of us, to avoid today not hurt everywhere and always for the lack tomorrow. "


3." I know that I was accused of giving up the search for meaning of art, and sense. It is not true: if I have hinted, is because I contradict myself, if I contradict myself, why is not there yet - and I hope the world does not really exist - a system that contains within it all classes, all forms of life. And art, of course, is part of life.
civilization goes on when he realizes that its borders, the known world, are smaller than we suspect, then destroys them and tries to venture beyond. I do not care to venture much further: indeed, I am in the rear. But I do not do to be a conservative: I'm there to pick up the pieces that others leave behind, and what I find really seems to me that today's society is being moved away from the boundaries that tries to achieve. Contradict me much closer to the discovery of the beyond. "


4." Realism! Realism is nothing more than a policy disqualifying a work of art, and think of all those brave men driven by who knows what feelings positive or negative evaluation of the artist's contribution to the progress of civilization, but based su quanto è simile quell'alberello sullo sfondo di un paesaggio o quanto bello è un dialogo per la resa del linguaggio parlato, della lingua vera (!).
Il realismo non è mai stato un criterio di bellezza, nè di valore, per la critica di un'opera d'arte; chi la pensa diversamente, probabilmente opera un altro procedimento, parimenti degno a quello del critico, ma più simile a quello di un estimatore di copie. Davanti alla complessità del mondo, dinanzi a tutte quelle relazioni che l'arte figurativa non può rappresentare, e pur constatata la difficoltà che l'astratto ha nel rappresentare la verità delle forme, questi apprezza comunque il lavoro di fotocopia del mondo che l'artista realistic attempt to produce continuously. "


5." I feel disheartened. Not a good book can not console me, especially for some 'time, that is since I'm thinking more deeply Placing an art forgery. [...] The night of Fridolin is hers and hers alone; volercisi would see violence so unbearable! And anyway, would masquerade as another. We learn something, grow, thanks to its vicissitudes ... the lie is obvious since every creation is older subjective interpretation, which is the theft of the above, but it is next to the design, successiva all'atto generativo di cui l'opera è figlia: vale a dire [...] [che] vivere l'esperienza della lettura come cosa propria è mistificare la vita stessa.
[...] Per non parlare delle morti: la morte di un personaggio è la prova palese della bugia dell'arte."



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