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Haiti, the Ile à Vache, a paradise with a dark side

Una scheggia della montuosa Haiti staccatosi dalla costa Sud-Ovest, lontana dalle tante difficoltà della martoriata Port au Prince, l'Ile à la Vache, è una sorta di oasi, quasi un piccolo paradiso tropicale, come ormai non se ne vedono più in questi Caraibi turisticizzati e massificati!
"Ile à la Vache", perchè gli spagnoli la utilizzarono come allevamento di bovini per rifornire i galeoni diretti in Europa, ma vi è anche un baia che si chiama Port Morgan, perchè veniva utilizzata come rifugio dal famoso corsaro.
A quiet lagoon with a secret pass unseen by the sea, where Jonathan has cast her anchor after crossing diagonally, from Curacao, the Caribbean Sea around the rough.
The first impression was magical: the still waters, green palms, fishermen who crossed their safe sailing canoes, a small village of huts scattered in the forest. All this we immediately à returned the same feelings of peace and tranquility experienced years before in the Delta of Casamance.
The fishermen and the kids when they approached the Jonathan still had not yet bitten the end, CII has pointed out had similar meetings in Africa.
But it was only a superficial first impression, once we realized that the living conditions here were far more severe than in Africa!
Poverty, total lack of minimum infrastructure, epidemic cholera, have meant that the picture has gone quickly from idyllic dramatic.
E 'was a continuous procession of beggars who proposed small and unnecessary services, and calling for everything from financial aid to pay for the move to bring the sick child in hospital, the shoes to go to school - in the village there is a school, but pays off and there you can go barefoot! -To any piece of cloth to wrap a sail, to help remove the spark plugs of a decrepit outboard engine. - Some have an old engine, but no tools for maintenance! -
We were prepared and had taken part in disinfectant soap and detergents - very useful for the prevention of cholera and completely missing here - that of apprima we distributed "ad personam" and later, so more bodies through an association of local youngsters. Then
cookies, candy and pencils to the continued procession of children who were in the board, some do not even know what to ask, were limited to a "quelque chose ...".
We also helped the crews of three French boats, known in Curacao, which were to bring humanitarian aid of the newly formed association Soshi, the orphanage is built and maintained with dramatic passion and hard work from the tiny Sister Flora. A sort of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who has been through enormous difficulties, collect, care and feeding hundreds of abandoned children, many suffering from serious illnesses both mental and physical.
visit the orphanage (see video) was touching and made us think about how useless and unnecessary, we have and how often futilely wasting our time.
I believe that our young people who all should see and know these realities, to understand how lucky they are, and perhaps to ask every so often settle for less, and more!
The lack of infrastructure is a major problem in the island, evidently there is no electricity, no roads, just trails through the jungle, no drinking water, only wells of brackish water, no latrine. The shortage of water with lalla lack of latrines and soap are the main causes of the spread of cholera, but the island's highest point stands proud of the antenna Digitel, lacking the most basic infrastructure, but cellular coverage is guaranteed everyone!

island is also a modern resort, Puerto Morgan Hotel, Set in a beautiful and excellent facilities.
The hotel is normally frequented by customers who prefer a secluded place, away from the din of the usual resorts for a relaxing holiday and contact with nature.
course, the earthquake, and then the outbreak of cholera, have alienated the clientele of tourists, the only current patrons of humanitarian workers, who come here to recover from the fatigue of hell in Port au Prince, or the hard work of the Orphanage Sister of Flora.
We received a warm welcome by the friendly couple of managers - who helped French- to understand the reality of the island.

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