Friday, January 28, 2011

Signs Of A Pin Stroke

The ass is the most honest of the face ([tʃ] into Brass)

Tinto Brass, also called [tʃ] into adopting the phonetics of Portuguese in Brazil, recently opened the doors of the house the weekly magazine "Diva and Donna" speaking of himself and the difficult experience of a stroke that hit him nine months ago.

"The Miracle of Brass," writes reporter Giancarlo Dotto, "pleasure is man made, only softer in tone and childish, almost abstract, the smiles. He drinks and smokes, bites into the huge wüstel tobacco chews and then turn on (...) "

Then [tʃ] begins to speak into women, eroticism and above asses, and here's how responds to "Diva and Women", exposing what might be termed the 'philosophy of Ass. "

After seeing death in the face, is even stronger passion for some anatomy of women?
More than ever before. On an ethical level the ass is the most honest face, not misleading, it is not hypocritical mask. In my book, edited by Tullio Pironti, beginning with an Aristotelian syllogism. Thesis: your ass is the mirror of the soul antithesis: each is the ass who, summary: show me your ass and tell you who you are.

syllogism that applies in your casting? In
ass is the fate of people. Claudia Koll had to, for example, the mystical implications. You could see where it would go to parry. There was a shadow of melancholy.

Better with Stefania Sandrelli?
Woman as few generous in giving and in the show. When he came out that the key to critics who blame replied: "I am proud to be able to play with your ass."

also generates Serena Grandi.
is Padania. The goddess Tellus. Sunny. Was written in his ass mess and carnality.

the Caprioglio Ashamed?
imagine, had been the mistress of Klaus Kinski. With her in the set had an erection and therefore a permanent holiday. Between us Venetian we understand with their looks.

( Diva and Donna. Women's Weekly. No. 2 18 January 2011)


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